We're a family-owned business based in the beautiful North Essex countryside where we spend a lot of time having fun with our own mischievous Golden Retrievers, Brodie and Archie.  As dog lovers ourselves, we're always on the look out for new gifts and accessories that are perfect for Golden Retrievers and the humans in their lives.  Everything in our hand-selected collection is inspired by these wonderfully warm-hearted dogs.


Brodie and Archie
When not snoozing under the kitchen table or chasing rabbits, squirrels or pheasants in the garden, Brodie and Archie are enthusiastic product testers who love trying out all the new doggie things as soon as they arrive. If you'd like to see more of the boys why don't you check out the Goldie Dogs pages on Instagram and Facebook where you'll find lots of photos as well as postings from some of their fans!